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This tool presents knowledge customized for different use cases.

If you are an urban planner, government minister, or any other user identified here, you can click on your persona to see information and case studies relevant to you.

The information can also be viewed through themes such as Risk and Resilience, Data, the 10 Essentials, and the SDGs. Keywords have been presented as a word cloud.

Within the ODIR tool, you can click on heading titles to open and close their content, search for other keywords, or see other linked content. Don’t be afraid to search using your own terms or categories. Any content within [[double brackets]] has a page with linked information.

Open Data Infrastructure for City Resilience Navigator

To meet the vision, ambition and needs of Making Cities Resilient 2030, we have created an upgraded digital resource to help you in your city resilience journey. 

The new Open Data Infrastructure for City Resilience resource is a database-driven roadmap, showcase and guide that features over 25 examples of cities and projects from around the world that are innovating with open data to manage their disaster risk and build their resilience. Produced by the original partners, it features 12 new inspiring case studies from pioneers in urban data for resilience.

We have developed Open Data Infrastructure for City Resilience to help you :


This tool presents knowledge customized for different use cases. Click the following to see the knowledge organized by:

You can find more information, or get in touch with us:


Click on an icon to find information and case studies relevant to your job role or interests.


Navigate the Open Data Infrastructure for City Resilience resource by the themes of risk and resilience.


Navigate the resource by the themes of data.


Navigate the resource by other keywords, sized by frequency.


Navigate the resource by the SDGs.


The Open Data Infrastructure for City Resilience resource consists of three key sections:

a ROADMAP to assist city authorities in the creation of information and data for the 10 Essentials Framework with practical guidance on key steps for strategy development and implementation. Two key assessment tools for understanding the level of data maturity (capacity) of a city are presented, alongside a set of tried and tested approaches to advancing the Roadmap.

a SHOWCASE of real world cases illustrating the innovative use of open or mixed uses of data linked to each of the 10 Essentials and the Disaster Resilience Scorecard. In recognition of the highly divergent levels of data capacity of the cities in the Making Cities Resilient Campaign, the guide includes use cases from a range of developed and developing country cities.

a GUIDE that makes the resilience case for developing local open data infrastructure. It covers cross-cutting issues such as how to develop crowdsourced mapping, data standards, open innovation and risk communication.


Open Data Infrastructure for Resilience was led by Resurgence and a global alliance of partners committed to mobilizing open data for urban resilience, including Resilience Brokers, OpenNorth, GeoSUMR and Esri.

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Would you like more information or specialized advice for your city or region? Do not hesitate to reach out to our consortium – we have a diverse set of expertise to get you on the path towards urban resiliency.